Call me Shinks! I love Green Day, punk rock music, and alternative rock. I also love anime and roleplaying, I used to LARP, I'm also a furry. I spend most my time playing video games. My PSN name is Shinka-san so feel free to add me, all I ask is that you add to the request that you're a tumblr friend with your tumblr name. My Rockstar Social Club name is Haushinka Mei. I have recently made a crew for GTA online, but it's for Green Day fan's only. If you are a Green Day fan. . I also spend time drawing chibi characters and graffiti band collages. That's pretty much it. Rage&Lovexx

Hey guys, I’m bored. Anyone with a mic and minecraft, add me. My PSN name is Shinka-san. Add me so we can play together :)

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when your bestfriend replaces u


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Its a new kind of fish

Rain should be called earth cum

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I’ve been expecting you
Hey blue, there’s a clue in dat ass!
This isn’t even my final transformation!
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